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Description of Premeno Duo Intra Vaginal

Vaginal dryness affects close to 1 in 6 women. Sometimes, vaginal dryness occurs in women at different times of their lives. Indeed, humidification, elasticity and acidity of the vaginal wall are disrupted in certain situations such as:

- during or after menopause
- after birth
- during breastfeeding
- at an administration of hormonal preparations
- in case of stress
- after a cancer treatment


- Premeno duo are vaginal suppositories for the treatment of vaginal dryness due to menopause, for example, stress, breastfeeding or chemotherapy. Enhances the healing of the vaginal epithelium that is damaged.

- The pessaries reduce the risk of injury due to mechanical causes, and thus bacterial infections that may result. Repeated use can restore a sustainable and sufficient moistening the vagina, which can lead simultaneously to improved sexual sensations.

- Improving defenses against infections: preventive treatment of cervicitis (vaginal infections) and yeast infections (vaginal infections by fungi)

Use of Premeno Duo Intra Vaginal

For the prevention and treatment of the dryness of the vaginal epithelium, use once a day to once every three days.

If vaginal dryness occurs secondary to estrogen deficiency during or after menopause:

- Initial Treatment: Putting a pessaries at night before bedtime for 10 consecutive days.

- Maintenance treatment: you must, for a lasting effect, introducing a pessaries every 3 days as long as you deem necessary after the initial treatment.

Ingredients Premeno Duo Intra Vaginal

Hyaluronic acid sodium, lactic acid, sodium lactate

Fat, ceteareth, beeswax, sorbitan monostearate, macrogol

Side effects of Premeno Duo Intra Vaginal

In rare cases, lactic acid content in the pessariesmay, particularly in drought very marked and / or lesions of the vaginal epithelium, induce slight skin reactions (mild burning or démengeaison). These effects disappear in most cases quickly.


In case of acute or severe vaginal infections, it is recommended to use the pessaries under medical supervision.

In patients with known hypersensitivity to any component, this product should not be used.

Risk to the unborn child are unknown, but due to the lack of corresponding studies, use during pregnancy can not be recommended.

Ovules containing modified natural fats, the use of condoms and diaphragms simultaneously with natural latex Premeno Duo-cons is indicated.
€ 13,10
€ 11,72

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    After the eight ovule a result is visible and my unpleasant splits with bleedings get alleviated. I first chose for the unharmful Premeno because I didn't want to apply an ointment with Oestrogen, on doctor's orders, feraing the numerous side effects hormonal medication might cause.

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