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Description of Biocure Long Action Magnesium

Muscles that contract in the toes, calves and feet are very annoying. Biocure Magnesium LA, provides a solution against tense muscles . Biocure Magnesium LA contains magnesium citrate and magnesium glycerophosphate. Both types are easily absorbed and well tolerated by the body. At the same time, magnesium boosts muscle building.
What does magnesium do in the body?
Magnesium plays an essential role in many body functions. It intervenes in the normal functioning of the muscles and enhances muscle relaxation. In addition, magnesium supports the energy metabolism and contributes to the reduction of fatigue.  
Why choose Biocure magnesium long action? 
Our body can't produce magnesium, and it must therefore be derived from the diet. Besides, present-day eating habits can give rise to inadequate magnesium intake. In addition, there are certain circumstances under which the need for magnesium is increased: temporary physical fatigue, intensive physical exertion as well as pregnancy. Biocure® magnesium long action fulfills your needs and has many other assets:

Gastric juice-resistant coating
Biocure® magnesium long action tablets possess a gastric juice resistant (enteric) coating. This is a protective layer that is resistant to stomach acid so that the tablet does not dissolve until it reaches the intestines. This is the ideal place for optimal absorption of magnesium in the body.
Tablet with controlled release
After ingestion of Biocure® magnesium long action, the full magnesium content is not immediately released but the release is spread over at least 8 hours. This innovative formula also ensures a more efficient absorption by the body and reduces the risk of gastrointestinal side effects such as gut stimulation and diarrhea. Studies have shown that magnesium is absorbed less efficiently by the body at a high dose, which can give rise to the above-mentioned side effects.
Optimal absorption of magnesium
Biocure® magnesium long action contains magnesium glycerophosphate and magnesium citrate. These organic salts are better absorbed by the body compared to other salts such as magnesium oxide.
Long action
The nutritional supplements from Biocure® have a very special composition. Thanks to the special structure of the tablet, the substances are released gradually in your body. For example, the nutritional supplements are effective during at least eight hours. This is the Long Action principle.


For adults from age 21:
- counteracts muscle tension
- supports muscle building

Use of Biocure Long Action Magnesium

Adults and children from 12 years and older: 2 tablets per day: 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening. 
To be taken preferably before meals with a little water.

Ingredients Biocure Long Action Magnesium

1 tablet of Biocure® Long Action Magnesium contains 187 mg of elemental magnesium.
  • Minerals: Magnesium citrate, magnesium glycerophosphate
  • Stabilizers: Hydroxpopylmethylcellulose, hydroxpropylcellulose, cellulose Mcrokistalline, polyvinylpyrrolidone, acetylated monoglycerides 
  • Coating agent
  • Anti-caking agents: Magnesium stearate, stearic acid, Talc
  • Colouring: Titanium dioxide
  • Humectant: Glycerol
Contains soya


Keep out of reach of children. tore under 25 ° C. This product can be kept until the expiration date indicated on the packaging. Do not exceed the daily recommended portion.
A dietary supplement should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
€ 18,95
€ 17,06

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