How much are the delivery costs?

For delivery to your housewecall upon the servicesof Bpost International. The freight cost depends on the weight of the parcel and the country of your choice. The weight is calculated in the first step of the order process.

Please note that customs or import taxes can be charged with an international delivery from Europe to China (NON-EU). Taxes for the customs clearance are at your expense. We have no influence on these taxes and can not predict their amount. For more information, please contact your local customs office.

The rates for the different countries and weights are as follows:

Weight of the parcel (in kg)Cost (in €)
0.00 - 0.258.9
0.25 - 0.50 9.9
0.50 - 0.75 10.9
0.75 - 1.00 11.9
1.00 - 1.25 12.9
1.25 - 1.50 12.9
1.50 - 1.75 12.9
1.75 - 2.00 12.9
2 - 3 14.9
3 - 4 16.9
4 - 5 19.9
5 - 6 21.9
6 - 7 23.9
7 - 8 26.9
8 - 9 28.9
9 - 10 30.9
10 - 15 40.9
15 - 20 50.9
20 - 25 60.9
25 - 30 70.9

For logistical
we can notdelivertocountries other thanthosementionedin the table above.


What is the delivery period? When will my order be delivered to my house?

The given delivery period is applied from the moment we receive your payment, and you've received a confirmation mail.

  • China : 5 - 15 working days (Delivery times does not includes the customs times)

Attention: the expected delivery period starts from the moment we've registered the online payment or the payment by bank transfer. When we've received your bank transfer, we will send you a confirmation email. A payment per bank transfer always delays the delivery. Depending on the bank, it varies between 3 - 5 working days.


Is it possible to deliver my order to a different address than my home address?

You can have your order delivered at a different address than your home address. When paying for your order, you can enter a different address in the second step "your information".

We strongly recommend this when you can't be present at your home address for delivery. You should choose a delivery address where someone can receive the package for you during the office hours.


Can I pick a date when my package will be delivered?

It is not possible to select a delivery date yet. We are trying our best to deliver the package as soon as possible to your house after the payment.


How will I be informed that my package is on its way?

We keep you informed about the status of your package by email .

After the confirmation of your payment (by email) your package is prepared as soon as possible. When it leaves our store or wharehouse you will automatically get an email with the shipping confirmation. Starting from that moment, you can expect the package within the given delivery date.


Can I follow the status of delivery somewhere?

You can't follow the status of delivery yourself on the site. You can contact Shop-Apotheke if you wish to know the status of your shipping.


I wasn't at home at the moment of delivery, where can I find my package?

If you weren't at home at the moment of delivery, you will find a note in your mailbox. Depending on your choice, the package can be delivered a second time or you can go and pick it up yourself in the depot of the courier service.


The delivery period is taking longer than expected. What should I do?

If your delivery hasn't arrived 5 days after the expected delivery period, you should contact Shop-Apotheke as soon as possible. We will verify the delivery and keep you posted.


I have moved, where can I report my new address?

By pressing the button "My account" at the top of the homepage you will get access to your profile page. There you can adjust your personal information, like your address.


I have paid, but haven't received my order yet. What should I do?

If you chose to pay per bank transfer, your order will always be delayed due to the transaction between the banks.

Your expected delivery period will start from the moment we confirm that your payment has arrived. If there is a problem with the delivery (for example: if the product isn't in stock anymore) we will inform you immediately. We will once again inform you by email when the package with your order leaves the store or wharehouse.

When an order hasn't arrived 5 days after the expected delivery period, you should contact Shop-Apotheke as soon as possible. We will verify the delivery and keep you posted.


I have paid and got a message afterwards that the order wasn't accepted. Now what?

If an order wasn't accepted, Shop-Apotheke will always contact the customer to justify why this wasn't accepted. If possible, we will look for an alternative solution.

I want to cancel my order by refusing my parcel ?

If you want to refuse your order from Shop-Apotheke because you no longer wish to receive your parcel, we will have to charge additional costs (€5.00) in addition to the full delivery costs. If you refuse the parcel because the parcel is damaged, this rule will not be applied.

What to do in case of an address problem ?

When DPD considers your delivery address as incorrect, they will contact Shop-Apotheke and we will contact our customer. For each address error the customer is notified and the customer is given the opportunity to ask for a new delivery attenpt at the correct address. If we receive no response after 5 days, the parcel will return to Shop-Apotheke. In this case Shop-Apotheke will charge an additional cost of € 5.00, in addition to the full shipping cost and administrative cost.


What in case of damage?

If you parcel is damaged or incorrect you have to notify Shop-Apotheke within 14 calendar days.